Japanese Spider Crab

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Zoological Illustration


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pixologic ZBrush


I visit the Royal Ontario Museum fairly often to sketch. On the second floor there is a huge Japanese spider crab mounted against a window. It's amazing to see up close but even after seeing it many times on sketching trips, this strange animal was still a mystery. I decided to go home and do my own research. At the time, I also happened to be teaching myself ZBrush, a digital sculpting tool, and thought that the spider crab would be a great subject to sculpt in 3D. The crab was also rendered in ZBrush and composited using Photoshop. To show the underside of the crab, I thought simpler line drawings would be more appropriate.

Michael Soong Spider Crab 1
Michael Soong Spider Crab 2
Michael Soong Spider Crab 3
Michael Soong Spider Crab 4